CEKAP provides total IO solution that includes technology, products and services for surveillance, integration, analysis, simulation, quality assurance and management of drilling, production, operations and maintenance. In 2012 CEKAP was awarded to build the world class PETRONAS Real Time Visualization Centre (PRTVC). CEKAP also provides real time drilling data service at the PRTVC.

IO Complements Deepwater & Brownfield Developments.

– Requires highly specialized technology to deal with extreme environment.
– Requires new technology to enhance O&G recovery.
Integrated Operations – Complements deepwater & brownfield development.
– IO work process & services are organized along the O&G value chain.

The industry expects significant economic value add by implementing IO technologies.

– Improvement in recovery rates.
– Acceleration in production.
– Cost reductions as well as improved HSE.
– Safer, faster and better informed drilling decisions.

Information Management

Provide business solutions that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the clients’ business operations and projects. Provide technology edge and technical expertise as a systems integrator and information systems (IS) solution provider. Provider of IS solutions to drilling operations, pipeline integrity monitoring, assets management, equipment reliability assessment, engineering analysis and design and project management. Also act as a provider of technical support and maintenance of clients’ computing infrastructure.

CEKAP as the Certified Partner of Oracle offers Primavera Software, Training, Maintenance and Support Services. Oracle Primavera is recognized as the market leader in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software solutions and applications that suits your business needs. Primavera provides organizations with a tangible business benefit and clear return on investment by giving them the ability to propose, prioritize, select, plan, manage and control projects and initiatives, ensuring that they make the right investment decisions in line with their strategic objectives.

  • Instantis Enterprise Track
  • Integration Products
  • Oracle Primavera Prime
  • Primavera Analytics
  • Primavera Capital Planning and Investment Control Budgeting
  • Primavera Contract Management, Business Intelligence Publisher Edition
  • Primavera Contractor
  • Primavera Data Warehouse
  • Primavera Earned Value Management
  • Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  • Primavera P6 Professional Project Management
  • Primavera P6 Progress Reporter
  • Primavera Portfolio Management
  • Primavera Risk Analysis
  • Primavera Unifier
CWES – Collaborative working environment solutions

In the age of Big Data, Data Analytics and Real Time Operations, CWES centers have become a key feature to deliver efficiency, optimization and productivity.

Cekap Technical Services is the end-to-end solutions provider specializing in delivery of high tech virtual centers through the integration of software and hardware to enhance the efficiency and productivity of our client’s organization.


  1. 1. Real Time Data
  2. 2. Cost Effective
  3. 3. Fast Decision
  4. 4. Improved Productivity
  5. 5. Greater Accessibility
  6. 6. Increased Efficiency
  7. 7. Single Platform
  8. 8. Simplified Workflow
Cyber Security

“Sentryo is the pioneer of solutions dedicated to managing the cyber risk of M2M networks and industrial control systems.”

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are all around us: in water, gas or electricity distribution networks, running power plants or critical infrastructures, for automation in production lines and transport networks, etc.

These systems are increasingly integrated into corporate networks and are therefore vulnerable to cyber attacks. However, IT cybersecurity solutions do not meet the specific requirements of these industrial networks.

1. Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

ICS CyberVision

2. Visibility Over Your Industrial Infrastructure

  • • Deep Packet Inspection
  • • Artificial Intelligence
  • • Vulnerability Analysis

3. Monitor the Integrity of Your Industrial Assets

  • • Real-Time Monitoring
  • • Custom Dashboards
  • • Legal Reports

4. Detect Anomalies to Sound the Alert

  • • Machine Learning
  • • Baselines
  • • Anomaly Detection

5. Make OT and IT Work Together

  • • Bi-Directional API
  • • Forensic Search
  • • Multi-Site / Multi-User
Fox DataDiode
Fox DataDiode

Your confidential information needs to stay confidential. However, high levels of security often hamper your productivity. On the other hand, loosening the reins on security for a more fluent workflow means putting your data at risk. Now, the Fox DataDiode solves this dilemma. Its one-way network connection offers the highest certified level of security and prevents unwanted access to business assets and critical systems, while facilitating free flow of information.


  • • One-way traffic keeps secrets secret
  • • One-way traffic in Italy
  • • Secure data transfer from oil platform | case study petrorio
  • • Situation awareness important in command post exercise
  • • Ruggedized Fox DataDiode Solutions
  • • Secure one-way traffic


  • • Fox DataDiode Appliance
  • • Fox DataDiode Ruggedized 10G
  • • Activiti Directory Integration
  • • Fox DataDiode Robuste 1G
  • • Fox DataDiode pour protégé ses secret
  • • Fox PI Replicator 3.0
  • • Fox DataDiode Modbus Replicator
  • • Fox DataDiode OPC Replicator (UA & Classic)


  • • One-way traffic keeps secrets secret
  • • Fox DataDiode for Protecting Secrete
  • • One-way traffic in Italy
  • • Situational awareness important in command post exercise
  • • Fox DataDiode Robuste 1G
  • • Fox DataDiode pour protégé ses secret
  • • Ruggedized Fox DataDiode Solutions
  • • Secure one-way traffic
  • • Protecting confidential information using datadioes


  • • Protecting Critical Assets and Production Environment
  • • One-way traffic in Italy
  • • Secure data transfer from oil platforms | Case Study Petrorio
  • • Fox DataDiode Robuste 1G
  • • Protecting Confidential Information using DataDiodes
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Cekap will fully integrated to provide a complete Asset Management Services and Support Capability.


  • 1. Asset Register Development
  • 2. Maintenance & Inspection Planning
  • 3. Performance Services


  • 1. Spare Parts Review
  • 2. Cataloguing
  • 3. Inventory Optimisation
  • 4. Information Technology Support

Powerful and effective Information Management for engineering and operation in cross industry.


  • • Data Capture and Validation
  • • Data and Document Control
  • • Gateways for Engineering Tools
  • • Enterprise Integration Adaptor

Engineering, design and construction

  • • Project Execution Control
  • • Plant and Marine Connector
  • • Gateways for Third-Party Authoring Tools
  • • Enterprise Integration Adaptor

AVEVA NET’s capabilities are driven by the presence of the Digital Information Hub, a centralized, secure, collaborative data manager that is completely application-neutral. Data of any type, produced using any program, can be managed within it and made accessible and useful to any application, whether built by AVEVA, or originating from third parties.

The Digital Information Hub does not create artificial divisions to cope with the differing information needs of the Operational and Engineering Design and Construction phases; from one environment, it simply serves both sets of users with equal facility.

Harmonies information into one common format, which enables all kinds of object to intercommunicate and increases the quality and completeness of information at the user’s fingertips.