In an industry that demands the highest of safety standards, CEKAP has maintained an excellent safety record of zero LTI since its very first operations. This has been acknowledged from various Safety Awards won by CEKAP from its major clients

cekap Outstanding Safety Performance from ExxonMobil

Outstanding Safety Performance from ExxonMobil for Work Performance in 2013

cekap Recognition from ExxonMobil

Recognition from ExxonMobil for Participation in 2014 Global Contractor Safety Forum

cekap Recognition from MISC

Recognition from MISC for Outstanding Performance and Exceptional Commitment in Upholding Health, Safety, Security and Environment Standard in 2018

cekap Safety Award from SHELL

Safety Award from SHELL for 2230 days of LTI for the Central Luconia F23 Facilities Rejuvenation Project

cekap Recognition from SKS Woods

Recognition from SKS Woods for contribution in Safe Delivery of 2009 and 2011 Campaign Activities in Offshore Brunei