cekap project & maintenance
Instrument Field Transmitters
Instrument Field Transmitters

CEKAP provides signal conditioning solution and communication interfaces which comprises of:

• Temperature Transmitter
• I.S Interfaces
• Universal Transmitter/Converter
• Isolator
• Real Time Display

IT Hardware & Software
IT Hardware & Software

CEKAP supplies an extensive range of IT hardware and software for commercial and entreprise purposes. Our supply services start from supply, installation, consultancy, training and support and maintenance.

Fire Supression

Fire Supression

CEKAP supplies PASCAL, a new class of fixed fire extinguishing system using solid propellant aerosol technology and the most efficient Halon Alternative products currently available.


• Service life more than 10 years
• Environmentally friendly / human safe
• No pipework and zero pressure
• Does not damage equipment and documents
• Extinguishes fire efficiently (less than 10 seconds)
• Longer holding time (more than 30 minutes)

Coating Solutions


CEKAP offers an Anti-Rust coating solutions and products specialized in corrosion protection to extend the useful life of your assets.

Benefits of our Anti-Rust Coating Solutions:

• Reduces labor and material cost
• Shortens total construction period drastically
• Simplifies next maintenance
• Extends maintenance cycle
• Make it possible to repair metal parts instead of welding even under flammable area



We supply different kind of valves ranging from:

• Actuated On/Off Valve
• Ball Valve
• Gate Valve
• Check Valve
• Globe Valve
• Butterfly Valve
• Needle Valve
• Plug Valve
• Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valve
• Pressure Safety/Relief Valve (PSV/PRV)
• Choke Valve
• Diaphragm Valve
• Vacuum/Breather Valve
• Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve (PVRV)


CEKAP supplies every type of bearings in various cross sections to satisfy a wide variety of operating conditions and application performance requirements.

Bearing Units:
• Deep Groove Ball Bearings
• Insert Bearings
• Angular Contact Ball Bearings
• Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
• Thrust Ball Bearings
• Y-Bearing Units
• Roller Bearing Units

Bearing Housings:
• SNLN & SE 2, 3, 5 & 6 Series
• SNLN 30 Series
• SNLN 30, 31 & 32 Series
• SONL Series (Oil Lubrication)
• SAF & SAW Series (Inch Dimension)

Bearing Acessories:
• Adapter Sleeves
• Withdrawal Sleeves
• Lock Nuts

Tramission Belt

CEKAP supplies transmission belts ranging from:
• Belts
• Pulleys
• Chains
• Sprockets
• Brushings and Hubs

Condition Based Monitoring

• Quick Collect Ssensor
• Basic Handheld Vibration Sensor
• Static Vibration Sensor

• Endoscopes

Electrical Discharge Currents:
• Electrical Discharge Detector

• Thermometers
• Thermal Cameras

• Stethoscopes
• Sound Pressure Meter
• Ultrasonic Leak Detector


CEKAP supplies lubricant oils for different types of equipment ranging from:

• Gear oil
• Hydraulic oil
• Heavy duty degreaser oil
• Grease
• Air compressor oil
• Gas compressor oil
• Motor oil


CEKAP supplies different kind of pumps ranging from:

• Horizontal Non API Pump
• Horizontal API 610 Pump
• Vertical Non API Pump
• Vertical API 610 Pump
• High Pressure Water Pump


cekap project support

With an extensive database, CEKAP is able to source for people with the relevant expertise, skills and experience to fulfil project requirements. CEKAP provides an extensive range of professional-technical staff, professional non-technical staff, support staff and technical support staff for upstream and downstream sectors.

CEKAP has successfully served the major Oil & Gas operators and players in Malaysia and has established an extensive track record in the region, including ASEAN (Brunei and Philippines), the Middle East (UAE and Iraq), North Africa (Sudan) and the Far East (South Korea and Japan)



By utilizing an extensive database of CVs from various background, CEKAP is able to meet the clients’ demand and offer qualified and experienced candidates for all levels of discipline. A thorough screening by our Recruitment Specialists will be done prior submission, providing a quality short list of candidates for our clients. Since 2005, CEKAP have recruited over thousands of applicants and seconded to our clients.



CEKAP has over 15 years of experience in project management for Oil & Gas industry. Each project is coordinated by experienced and qualified project coordinators with vast exposure in Human Resource and Oil & Gas management. CEKAP is an expert in supplying personnel from various range of position and different backgrounds while complying to requirements and standards. CEKAP supplies personnel ranging from:

Professional Technical
Principal Project Planner, Senior Project Manager, Senior Drilling Manager, Project Engineer, Geologists, Drilling Engineer, Completion Engineer and etc.

Professional Non-Technical
HR Executive, HSE Executive, Design Executive, Admin Executive, Planner, Cost Controller and etc.

Support Services
Document Controller, Project Admin Clerk, Assistant Cost Controller, and etc.

Technical Support
HSE Inspector, Underwater General Inspector, Pipeline Inspector, Welding Inspector, HSE Supervisor, Electrical Supervisor, Mechanical Rotating Supervisor and etc

*The above list is not extensive


CEKAP’s local agency services consist of travel arrangement, accommodation, work permit services and local regulatory requirement for expatriate. The travel arrangement services provided by CEKAP emphasizes on flight and accommodation arrangement for local and international travel.


cekap digital solutions
Industrial Cyber Security

As industrial systems become more connected, they become more exposed to threats. CEKAP offers a variety of OT Cybersecurity solutions, from secured data transfer of your ICS SCADA system, automatic mapping of your industrial equipment, to detecting your enterprise’s data leakage.

Fox-IT Data Diode

Fox-IT Data Diode

Fox-IT Data Diode securely automates one-way transfer of information from highly critical network. The device transfers real-time 24/7 information and offers the highest certified level of security and prevent unwanted access to business assets and critical systems.

In many countries, the use of data diode has become mandatory for critical infrastructures.


cekap Fox-IT Data Diode


Sentryo ICS CyberVision is a passive monitoring system for industrial IoT & OT network, especially for ICS and SCADA networks. It performs inventory mapping, non-intrusive network monitoring, advanced anomaly detections and security management in real time using unique artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.



CybelAngel scans data leaks across layers of the Internet (from Surface Web to Dark Web) using superior machine learning algorithm technology and supported by cybersecurity analysts to deliver curated data leak alerts

OPSWAT MetaDefender - File Sanitization

OPSWAT MetaDefender - File Sanitization

Transfer mobile storage data from non-secure network to critical network with Anti-virus multi-engine scan, sanitize high risk files and data loss prevention

Engineering Data Management
Engineering Data Management

CEKAP’s Engineering Data Management approach allows customers to actively manage their complex facility and critical equipment for maximum operational efficiency. This helps the anticipation, management and reduction of the risks from outages and incidents, to cut the downtime, control costs and increase safety throughout the operation lifetime of the asset.

CEKAP’s range of services help customers to access their information efficiently, unlock it from silos, validate it and let it flow between systems and be shared between disciplines – empowering experts and improving performance. By having these abilities, customer will be able to identify their data issues, plan for improvement and most important, prioritize their direction towards asset digitalization.

CEKAP's Engineering Data Management services include:

• Engineering Data Compliance Analysis
• Artificial Intelligence Data Cataloguing
• 3D Data Visualization and Manipulation
• Engineering Data Validation and Update
• Information Management Managed Services

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

CEKAP offers Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) services as part of our Asset Management Solutions to maintain your computer database and information for maintenance operations and to facilitate maintenance workers to perform effectively.

CEKAP solutions on CMMS include:

• CMMS review study
• CMMS data cleansing study
• CMMS improvement using 3D laser scanning
• Data preparation and asset hierarchy build into CMMS services


CEKAP provides telecommunication solutions and services from offshore connectivity such as VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), leased line connectivity for enterprise user, IP-PABX and radio communication walkie talkie.

CEKAP also offers a full-fledged, end-to-end mobile connectivity portfolio that caters 4G coverage for offshore platforms and vessels that supports mobile technologies and devices.

CEKAP’s solutions include:

• Microwave system
• Satellite system
• Data communication equipment
• Network design, configuration, installation and maintenance of secured voice and data communication and facilities
• Telecommunication leased services

Collaborative Working Environment (CWE)
Collaborative Working Environment

In the age of Big Data, Data Analytics and Real Time Operations, CWE centers have become a key feature to deliver efficiency, optimization and productivity. CEKAP is an end-to-end solutions provider specializing in delivery of high tech virtual centers through the integration of software and hardware to enhance the efficiency and productivity of our client's organization.

cekap Collaborative Working Environment

Benefits of CWE centers:

• Real time data and communication
• Cost effective
• Fast Decision
• Greater Accessibility
• Increased efficiency
• Single platform


cekap technical services & consultancy

PhDC4D® Predictive Digital Twin integrates real current condition of an asset to be visualized on a 3D model. PhDsoftC4D® software automates the data ingestion of human inspections and integrates them with sensors, drones, ROVs data into the same digital twin, consequently data efficiently flows from critical assets into PhDC4D® Predictive Digital Twin to provide crystal clear awareness of the aging process and associated risks over time throughout its life cycle.

PhDC4D® software also offers a holistic approach of risk evaluation as it analyzes collectively the impact and relationship of all measurable variables & data (*) and applies a comprehensive assessment to risk evaluation at real time.
(*) examples: corrosion, pressure, vibration, temperature, wall thickness, previous repair and repair outline, etc.

PhDC4D® software solution incorporates industry best practices, proprietary algorithms, accurately assess the condition of assets and calculate the timing and cost of repairs – (bill of materials) to keep assets safe and reliable while reducing maintenance costs and increasing asset life.

PhDsoft Technology solution significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs, mitigates risks such as accidents and failures, reduces downtime, increase productivity and brings significant competitive advantages.


cekap project & maintenance
Topside Maintenance

CEKAP provides integrated services for topside major maintenance and hook-up commissioning of offshore oil and gas installations. Our scope encompasses all surface engineering capabilities that includes design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, hook-up & commissioning including offshore marine services.

To ensure maximum benefits to clients, our services are executed on a "single-point of responsibility and accountability" or integrated basis that ensures operations efficiency, reduced costs and faster project turn-around.

We engage HSSE and QA/QC procedures at all levels of operations to ensure compliance with project requirements in reference to applicable laws, codes, standards, specifications and regulations.

Mechanical Maintenance

To maintain asset integrity, mechanical maintenance is integral in maximizing the value of existing assets. CEKAP provides an extensive range of mechanical maintenance services across industries, including:

• Flange Management Services and joint integrity management
• Valve Maintenance Services
• Pump Maintenance Services
• Fire Suppression System
• Air-conditioning Maintenance Services

Electrical & Instrumentation

CEKAP offers a full spectrum of Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) service through our dynamic and highly skilled team, delivering an integrated solutions to our clients. We provide value-added E&I solutions with primary emphasis on safety, exceptional quality and timely project turnaround for oil and gas sector, petrochemical, power and general industries.

• Engineering, procurement and construction
• Installation, testing and commissioning
• Maintenance, retrofit and modification works
• Cabling works, functional test and loop check
• Instrument calibration and certifications
• DCS/SIS/FGS system support and services
• Technical consultancy and after sales support
• General electrical and instrumentation works


CEKAP is an integrated project management and engineering consultancy company with over 25 years of experience, primarily in the oil and gas industry, delivering solution to our satisfied clients.

Our expert consultants provide a range of bespoke technical and strategic services where our goal is to add value for our clients.

Our strength is in the detailed management of the project to develop an intelligent risk culture so that the projects are completed consistently on-time and on-budget. CEKAP’s quality management system and service delivery methodology is ISO 9001 accredited.


CEKAP offers an integrated Operation and Maintenance (O&M) service that maintains or increase productivity while minimizing operational cost without jeopardizing safety standards.

CEKAP’s capabilities in O&M include:

• Demobilization Management
• Engineering & Procurement
• Facility Asset Management
• Operations Management
• Operations Readiness Assurance (ORA)
• Routine Offshore Activities
• SCADA/Remote Well Control System
• Technical Solutions Deployment
• Warehousing & Marine Support

Integrated Subsurface Services
Seismic Processing, Imaging & Quantitative Interpretation

Seismic Processing, Imaging & Quantitative Interpretation

CEKAP provides innovative geosciences services to the oil & gas industry. These include Seismic Processing & Depth Imaging, Full Range of Integrated Petrophysical Services, Quantitative Interpretation Services (QI) and Reservoir Modeling.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

CEKAP provides an integrated services from reservoir evaluation to full field development and well performance management. Our expertise includes:

• Reservoir Appraisal and Characterization
• Petrophysics
• Geology and Geophysics
• Reservoir Engineering
• PVT and Fluid Analysis
• Full Field Management
• Well Engineering
• Production Enhancement

Drilling Consultancy

Drilling Consultancy

CEKAP provides well engineering services specializing in Advanced Drilling Techniques (ADT) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT).

Subsurface Services

Subsurface Services

• Conceptual evaluation of field development and well management options.
• Development of well delivery processes and management systems suited to well operations, including the development and implementation of world class HSE,Quality and Security management systems.
• Well engineering,design,planning,contracting and drilling/completions project management.
• Blowout Contingency Planning, Dynamic Kill Modelling, and Well Control Response.
• Well engineering audits and peer reviews.
• Unplanned event investigation.
• Performance monitoring and bench marking.
• Commercial support, including due diligence and valuations.
• Maintenance Integrity and Asset Management.
• Environmental Management including emissions/discharge monitoring and measurement.


cekap technical services & consultancy
Asset Integrity & Management Services

Maintaining the reliability of an asset is key to ensuring consistent operations and delivery of products. CEKAP adds value to the integrity of client’s asset by offering asset management services.

CEKAP’s asset management services include:

• Maintenance and Reliability (FMEA/FMECA)
• Supply Chain Management (Spare part analysis and Bill of Material)
• Operational Readiness
• Operational Excellence
• Operations and engineering support
• Maintenance and operation consultancy
• Governance and integrity
• CMMS Consultancy
• Integrated CMMS and 3D Laser Scanning Consultancy
• Awareness and trainining for asset management
• Mechanical Integrity study
• Safety critical elements development

Risk Management

With an extensive experience in engineering, maintenance, safety and risk management, CEKAP provides an effective risk management solution to partners and clients.

Process Safety

Process Safety

• Hazard Identification Tools (HAZID)
• Environmental Impact Identification (ENVID) Review
• Hazard and Operability (HAZOP)
• Inherently Safe Design (ISD) Review
• Bow-Tie
• Matrix of Permitted Operation / Simultaneous Operation Analysis / Summary of Operational Boundaries
• Alarm Management

Technical Risk

Technical Risk

• Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis (FERA)
• Non-Hydrocarbon Hazard Analysis (NHHA)
• Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
• Noise Study
• Flare and Vent System Design

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

• Development of HSE Philosophies
• Hazardous Area Classification
• Firewater Demand Calculations
• Escape Route Layouts
• Human Factors Engineering (HFE)
• Flare Study
• Fire and Gas Detection Layouts


CEKAP provides HSE services ranging from Technical HSE, HSE Management, Legislative Compliance HSE, Emergency Management and Inspection and Monitoring Services. CEKAP also provides HSE support services by offering HSE IT Solutions and Services, and Safety Equipment Supply.

Environmental Monitoring Services
CEKAP provides Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) and Post EIA Monitoring services with a full team of technical experts pulled in from various areas of environmental consultancy to give you a full spectrum of analysis. We also provide environmental monitoring services.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Monitoring
CEKAP has experienced assessors to monitor and assess local exhaust ventilation of systems from fume hood suction velocity to ducting flow. Our analysis is important to ensure that the systems where hazardous chemicals are used will run properly with no risk to the users.

Noise Monitoring
CEKAP provides Boundary Noise Analysis and Monitoring as well as Personnel Exposure Monitoring with the support of experienced assessors. These assessments will provide a map of areas that exceed the safety decibel limit as well as identify the personnel with the most exposure to dangerous noise levels.

Chemical Health Risk Assessments & Health Risk Assessments
CEKAP has completed numerous projects for Chemical Health Risk Assessments as well as Health Risk Assessments. CEKAP utilizes several certified laboratories to ensure that CEKAP can provide a complete analysis of all chemicals that are required by the client. CEKAP also have well assessors who have extensive experience in this field.

Effluent / Water Analysis
Utilizing a certified laboratory, CEKAP provides services for water analysis. CEKAP’s analysis encompasses analysis for heavy metals, suspended solids and oxygen demands.


CEKAP is an established supplier of metocean services that provides cost effective solutions in response to our client's requirement for accurate metocean information.

Weather Forecasts
Providing high-quality weather forecasts, including specialized forecasts for typhoons, and other adverse weather

Metocean Statistics
Providing metocean statistics used for operational purposes as well as engineering design purposes

Computer Simulations
Provide customized simulations of metocean processes using the latest computer models to derive likely extreme environmental conditions

Metocean Measurements
In-situ metocean data acquisition programs

Weather Equipment
Provide services to supply, replace, install and testing of weather equipment

Measurement & Metering
CEKAP provides expert technical consultancy, research and flow measurement services.

Consulting & Auditing
• Technical advisory on export and allocation metering, heat exchangers, oil-in-water monitors, produced water systems and fluid properties

• Computational fluid dynamics
• Equipment sizing, design and selection
• Feasibility and conceptual design studies
• Measurement data validation
• Flow and thermal modelling

Research and Development

Calibration and Testing

Quality Management Consultancy

CEKAP provide an extensive range of services including business and quality management process development, optimization, deployment and training services. To minimize organizational disruption, CEKAP works directly with the client’s staff in the design, documentation and implementation process.

Benefits include:
• Display gaps in your current business and work processes
• Make your business more efficient and consistent
• Give an accurate picture of your current operations
• Realize where the easiest improvements to make are
• See redundant processes that could be eliminated
• Document workflows and processes accurately
• Embed quality attributes to business process towards certification readiness
• Support in getting ISO family (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and other Management System) certifications


cekap geomatics
3D Laser Scanning

CEKAP provides high accuracy 3D laser scanning services that include:

• Collect as-built information at offshore platforms and plants
• Construct digital 3D Model using the data collected
• Transportation applications, such as accident investigation
• Civil and construction inspection
• Archeological and heritage documentation

3D Modelling

CEKAP provides 3D modelling services, intelligent or semi-intelligent, using AutoCAD or Micro-station, 2D drawings or Point Cloud data from our laser scanners.

Benefits include:
• An updated As-Built Model with greater accuracy.
• Information on potential issues in advance.
• Spend less time on planning

Dimensional Control Survey

CEKAP provides dimensional control survey services to accurately measure and determine area between points, creating digitally mapped distances and angles up to ±1mm accuracy.

CEKAP’s dimensional control survey services are applicable for:
• Like-to-like pipe-work replacement
• Structural alignment and monitoring survey
• Fabrication verification surveys for steelwork and pipe.

Benefits of implementing dimensional control survey:
• Reduced design, re-work and shutdown times
• Guaranteed first time fit of pre-fabricated items
• Elimination of re-design during installation

Hydrographic Survey

CEKAP provides hydrographic survey services that covers all marine activities such as dredging, marine constructions, offshore drilling and many others.

CEKAP provides hydrographic survey for:
• Determining depth of sea bed
• Determining shore line
• Tide measurement
• Preparing navigation chart

Aerial Survey & Inspection

CEKAP provides aerial survey services by using UAV/drone to collect geomatics or other imagery.

CEKAP aerial survey services includes:
• Photo, video and thermal inspection
• Surveillance monitoring
• 2D and 3D Mapping

Underground Utility Mapping

CEKAP offers underground utility mapping services to identify the exact location of underground public utility infrastructure. These infrastructure may include lines for telecommunication, electricity distribution, natural gas, water mains, wastewater pipes and other possible underground infrastructures.

Land Survey

CEKAP offers land survey services to establish land maps and boundaries.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

CEKAP’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data. With GIS services, clients can manage their assets more effectively with GIS automation in map production and visualization especially for oil exploration and pipeline construction.


cekap technical services & consultancy

CEKAP Technical Services has a dynamic team that can deliver the right training & competency development solutions for your organization.

In collaboration with our very own Malaysia’s subject matter experts and international training partners, CEKAP is dedicated in delivering up-to-date course content and quality training experience. Apart from scheduled public courses, CEKAP also offers customized in-house training to meet specific training needs of organizations at their preferred time and location. CEKAP covers 9 key training categories of Oil & Gas industry:

• Exploration & Production
• Downstream & Midstream
• Operations & Maintenance
• Project Management
• Health, Safety & Environment
• Communication & Technical Writing
• Leadership & Self-Improvements
• Digitalization
• Accounting & Finance

With the momentum of digitalization in Oil & Gas industry, together with our expert principals, CEKAP is committed in bringing the latest digital learning approaches to positively impact your knowledge & skills developments.