CEKAP is growing and successfully served the major Oil & Gas operators and other players in Malaysia and has established an extensive network of operations and track record in the region including ASEAN (Brunei and Philippines), the Middle East (UAE and IRAQ), Africa (Sudan) and the far East (Korea and Japan).


Weather forecasting, wave and current monitoring services for ExxonMobil, will continue to 2021

General and Specialist Manpower 2018

Technical, specialist and general manpower for KPOC

IH & OH 2018

3 years contract duration, industrial hygiene & occupational health project for HESS

AVEVANet 2018

2 years contract duration, for HESS 5 years contract duration for PETRONAS

Laser Scanning 2016

2 years contract duration, laser scanning services to update PDMS model for Repsol 2016

Topside Maintenance 2016

2 years contract duration, manages overall topside maintenance services in PM-3 CAA and PM-305 for Repsol


5 years contract duration, including supply, install, commission and maintenance of METOCEAN for PETRONAS Carigali

Manpower 2012

6 years contract duration, Professional and Technical staffing for ExxonMobil